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Chinese Traditional Tea Competition in Tea Harvesting Time

The tea competition, also called as”Dou Cha Sai”in Chinese, It originated in the Tang Dynasty of China and from the Fujian Jian Zhou which is now Jian Ou city of Fujian.Currently the tea competitions became more and more popular, In difference tea growing areas, after the tea season, there are many tea competitions were organized by the local governments or by tea farmers themselves. After reviewed by the tea experts a few best quality teas were picked up and then get certifications and bonuses. Their tea price would be higher then.

The evaluation of the factors of the external shape, aroma, soup color, taste and leaf base. Each project occupies a different proportion. Oolong tea is dominated by aroma and flavor which account 35% and 40% respectively, while others are only for reference, accounting for 20 percent totally. Use 110ml Gai Wan and 5g tea , boiling water brewing three times.

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