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Pu'er Cereal Flower Tea

The uniqueness of "cereal flower tea" lies in its raw materials --- the tea flowers blossoming at the begining of autumn mixed with the sun-baked green crude tea leaves of the autumn tea, then compressed into cakes.

Cereal flower tea tastes like tea and smells of flowers, different from pure tea leaves. But such cereal flower tea is not sold in large quantities and is rarely seen in the market. It can mostly seen in the tea-producing areas.

Dry the flower in the sun. They acquire a light fragrance and the strong smell of the sun. Originally, cereal flower tea referred to the tea leaves picked when the paddy rice blossomed. Today, the cereal flower tea gets its name from the tea leaves and tea flowers it is made from, and it is not a synonym of autumn tea.

Dry tea: the striations are fleshy, clear and compact. The golden flowers are unbroken.

Color and taste: the liquid is bright golden with a sweet aftertaste and the fragrance of flowers.

Brewed leaves and flowers: Unbroken leaves and flowers.

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