Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea,High-end White Tea For Collecting or Tasting

Place of Origin: Diantou Town, FuDing, Fujian Province


WTT02: 95USD/unit 


Spring Tea/Ming Qing Tea  (Harvested before pure-brightness/Apr.5)

1unit : 210g of Loose Tea

Safe/Gift Package :  tea canisters (3 canisters)



The name Baihaoyinzhen means ‘white fur, silver needle’. It vividly encapsulates the appearance of the tea. The tea leaves are thin like a needle with a layer of white coat on them. There is a special silver sheen to the leaves, thus ‘silver needle’. Each tea leaf is about 3 cm long. When brewed, the leaves all stand up vertically like hundreds of needles, constructing a unique visual experience. There is also a layer of fine white coat floating on top of the cup, almost like fog.
But the appearance and taste of Baihaiyinzhen vary depending on whether it is from Fuding or Zhenghe. Fuding is famous for tea with a thick layer of white coat, which tastes young and refreshing. Zhenghe on the other hand produces tea with a thinner layer of white coat, which tastes warm, smooth and very fragrant.
The harvesting of Baihaoyinzhen is a painstaking process. Tea cannot be picked on rainy days or early morning when there is still dew on the leaves; leaves which have experienced any kind of damage are discarded. Only the finest, healthiest tea buds are picked.


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Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea

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