Jun Shan Yin Zhen Tea,High-end Tea of Handmade Yellow Tea

Place of Origin:

Liang Ding Village, Junshan Yellow Tea plantation base, Yueyang, Hunan Province.


YLT02: 90USD/unit 

***High-end tea/Early Spring Tea***

1unit : 125g of Loose Tea

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Known as the "gold inlaid jade" tea, Junshan Yinzhen tea is one of the top ten famous Chinese teas. Picked on Junshan Island of Dongting Lake in Hunan Province, this needle-shaped yellow tea can be dated back to the Tang Dynasty and was once used for tribute in the Qing Dynasty. It was once known as "Yellow tail leathers" (Huang Ling Mao) and "White Mao Jian". It was finally called Junshan Yinzhen (means silver needle) for its straight bud, fully-covered white down, and needle shape.


Also known as Dongting Mountain, Junshan Island boasts fertile sandy soils and a humid climate - the average annual temperature stands at 16-17 degrees, the average annual precipitation is 1,340mm and the relative humidity between March and September is about 80%. In spring and summer times, the island is always veiled by the mist from the lake, creating the perfect environment for tea trees.


The tea is picked three or four days before the QingMing Festival. The tea is seleced from the early spring tea buds. The buds need to be fresh, downy, well-proportioned and 25-30 mm long to be processed.


The exquisite processing of Junshan Yinzhen takes three to four days. It consists of eight steps including wok frying, cooling, second wrapping, baking etc. Special attention needs to be paid to the wok frying, wrapping and baking processes to ensure good quality.


According to the size of the bud, Junshan Yinzhen is labeled as one of the three levels: special-level, first-level and second-level. This tea is honored as the treasure of yellow teas for its superior quality and special taste. Covered with white down, the yellow tea buds are robust, straight and fragrant. During steeping, the tea buds move vertically, falling and coming up to the surface three times. The tea is apricot-yellow and has a long-lasting fresh taste.


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Jun Shan Yin Zhen Tea,High-end Tea of Handmade Yellow Tea

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