Place of Origin: Liupu Town, Wuzhou, Guangxi Province


PRT06-A1: 70USD/unit

***Aged Tea in 2015/2nd-grade Tea***

Material: liupu loose tea

1unit= 1basket/0.5KG


PRT06-A2: 145USD/unit

***Aged Tea in 2012 /1st-grade***

Material: liupu loose tea with betelnut fragrance

1unit= 1basket/0.5KG


Liupu tea is a kind of famous dark tea in history and is "red, thick, old and mellow". Liupu tea is well-known because of "old aroma", thus cooling and storage are cirtical for Liupu tea. The aging of Liupu tea is usually enforced by putting the tea into baskets and piling up and storage in cool warehouse. Half a year, It appears old flavor and liquid turns redder.


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Liupu Tea/LiubaoTea, High-end Handmade Dark Tea for Collection

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