1unit: 1 teapot as 1unit

White Porcelain ( 1st-grade Porcelain )/Jingdezhen Porcelain

Capacity:about 220 ml;; length:12.5cm;

Gift & Safe Package weight: about 1 KG 



In the family of teawares, porcelain has the large number of variations. This is because of the natural link between porcelain and tea. Porcelain is a big invention of ancient Chinese people.

Ceramic utensils were in use early in the first stage of Neolithic Period, about 8000 years from now. with the development if civilization, the art of ‘earth and fire’ continuously flourished and brought out new ideas. In the Shang Dynasty about 3000 years ago, original porcelain emerged. Then after thousands years of creation and accumulation, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, craftsmen first made mature celadon in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. The model of this celadon used china clay and china stone and was fired in high temperature of 1000℃-1300℃. Thus the body was hard, tight and water-resistant. There was a layer of green and grey glaze outside, which was smooth and bright. In the last stage of the Eastern Han Dynasty, porcelain became a daily utensil for common people, heat-resistant, mass produced, affordable and easy to clean. In addition, both tea and porcelain shared a characteristic of cleanness. Therefore, porcelain was naturally linked to tea when it first appeared.


Mei Ren Jian Teapot, Handpainting Meticulous Landscape Porcelain Teapot

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