1unit: 1 teapot as 1unit

Clay: Duan Ni (Yao bian)

Capacity:about 300 ml;height:9.5cm; length:15.5cm;

Gift & Safe Package weight: about 0.8 KG 



1unit: 1 teapot as 1unit

Clay: Da Hong Pao Ni

Capacity:about 220 ml;height:8cm; length:14cm;

Gift & Safe Package weight: about 0.8 KG 



A Meng Chen pot is the small tea pot made of purple clay from Yixing. It is said that Meng Chen was a purple clay pot master from Yixing, Jiangsu province in Ming Dynasty. He was good at making small pots. These small tea pots could maintain the smell, fragrance, and look of the tea. In addition, his pots stand wear and tear. Even when just boiling water added in the pot, people can still smell fragrance of tea, and tea seldom becomes sour when kept it the pot overnight. The pot is heat-resisting and will not explode even when receiving boiling water in freezing winter. Besides, it conducts heat slowly, which can prevent the holder’s hand from being scalded. The longer it is used, the higher and more classic beautiful it will look.


Gongfu tea is very popular in Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan, especially in the southern part of Fujian Province and Chaozhou, Shantou area, where almost every family has a gongfu tea set. Men and women, old and young, all know how to make gongfu tea. Even after they move to other places or overseas, these people will still keep this habit. Gongfu tea does not refer to tea leaves, but a way of making tea. It originated in the Ming Dynasty, matured and reached its peak in the Qing Dynasty. Gongfu tea is featured with delicate teawares and special making method. People seldom use black tea or green tea to make gongfu tea. Instead oolong tea and tieguanyin are more preferred and they are far less delicate than the teaware itself. Gongfu teaware is always in a “one set and several wares” style. One tea set often has 12 pieces, among which four parts are necessary, called “four treasures”. They are Meng Chen Pot, Rou Chen cup, Jade fluid cauldron and red mud stove.


Meng Chen Teapot Collection-Pear Shape Pot, Chaozhou Gongfu Tea Ceremony

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