Pu'er Crab Pincers Unfermented Tea



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*** Mt. Jingmai Ancient Tea Tree (No.JMC-DPZ-000323)***

***  Ancient Tea Tree Of more than 100 years***

*** Aged Unfermented Tea in 2016***



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Crab pincers are the grass parastie on the several-hundred-year-old ancient tea trees. They are considered a type of pu-erh tea because their similar characterestics. Not only do they grow on the ancient pu-er tea trees but also similar to pu-erh tea in their brewing methods. They have greater health benefits than pu-erh tea and they are more endurable. A rare and fascinating type of tea, they mostly come from the Jingmai Mountain. 


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Pu'er Crab Pincers Unfermented Tea, Pu'er High-end Rare Tea

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