Pu'er Old Paka Unfermented Tea



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***High Mountain Ancient Tea Tree in Jiang County (No.PEJCCQGL-007)***

***  Ancient Tea Tree Of more than 100 years***

*** 2019 Spring Tea/ Handmade Organic Tea***



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"Old paka" is a common drink in the Yunnan tea-producing areas and originally not for sale. It is made from the old leaves by heating.

The heating process for making old paka differs from making Pu'er tea. Boil old paka in the boiling pot to destroy the activity of the enzyme in the leaves. After the leaves are withered, take them out and dry them. The dried leaves are old paka. Before making tea, it is better to roast the old paka for some time on coal fire so as to release its fragrance. 


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Pu'er Old Paka Unfermented Tea, Pu'er High-end Rare Tea

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