Place of Origin: Jianyang, Shanxi Province


PRT14: 165USD/unit

1unit=1 Fu-tea brick / 1 brick = about 1KG

***Shanxi Official Tea/Shanxi Fu Tea/ Fuzhuan Tea/Super-grade tea***

Material: Heimaotea +Cordyceps militaris

Gift Packaging: Wooden box + 1 Tea-Knife



Fuzhuan tea originates in Hunan, also known as "Hu Tea". Because it is made in the dog days and brick-shaped, thus it is name "Fuzhuan Tea". There are the special and general Fuzhuan teas. All of the special-made tea is made with dark tea of the 3rd grade, whereas the 3rd grade dark tea only occupies 40% to 45% in the condensed Fuzhuan tea's raw materials while the 4th grade dark tea occupies 5% to 11%.


More Information About Fuzhuan Tea




Shanxi Official Tea/Fuzhuan Tea, High-end Handmade Dark Tea for Collection

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