Place of Origin: Center Tea Area in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province


WLT19: 175USD/unit

*** Super-grade Tea/ Zhengyan Tea***

1unit : 500g of loose Tea

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Shui Jin Gui  is a very characteristic Wuyi Oolong tea, whose name literally means Golden Marine Turtle.The tea produces a bright green color when steeped and is much greener than most other Wuyi Oolong teas. It is one of the four famous bushes of Wuyi, a Si Da Ming Cong.

the Shui Jin Gui teaplant is an incarnation of the Turtle God. Despite of achieving divinity after thousands of years of meditations the Turtle God felt uncomfort because of the fact, that his work as The Heaven's Teagardener stays misvalued.
One morning he got awaken by a riot, as the earth farmers marily celebrated the first tea flush. Seeing this the Turtle God realised that he'd be more appreciated as teaplant, gave up his immortality and became the Shui Jin Gui teaplant.

Tender and yet strong leaves are very well processed into even curly stripes. Dark color leaves with thin coat of white frosted on the surface.

Strong and full tea with light touch of fruity ad flowerish aroma. Compared with the other Wu Yi teas this one is more delicate, accordig to less intensive process of drying by fire. Longlasting flourish aftertaste.


More Information About Wuyi Rock Tea

Shuijingui Tea,Wuyi Famous Four Tea Bushes( Si Da Ming Cong)

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