Place of Origin: Hegang Town, Xinyang City, Henan Province


GRT12-A1: 155USD/unit 

***Super-grade Tea/ Harvested Before Tomb-weeping Day ***

1unit : 250g of Loose Tea

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GRT12-A2: 115USD/unit 

***Top-grade Tea/Harvested Before Grain Rain***

1unit :250 of Loose Tea

Safe/ Gift package



Xinyang Maojian, also known as Yu Mao Feng, is a famous speciality of Henan Province. It is slender, round, smooth, and straight and featured with lots of Pekoe, high fragrance, rich flavour, and green soup.  As early as Tang Dynasty, Tea Sage Lu Yu's book described in Tea Sutra that Xinyang as one of 8 nationwide tea production areas. Su Dongpo, a great writer of Song Dynasty, praised that "Tea from Xinyang tops Huainan area."  The spring tea of Xinyang Maojian generally begins to be picked after Tomb-weeping Day and is widely harvested before Grain Rain. It lasts 40 days. The autumn buds germinate in August and September. Then the tea is called autumn tea of Maojian. There is an old saying in the folks that " spring tea is bitter, summer tea is astrictivem, autumn tea picked in White Dew is best to drink"


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Xinyang Maojian Tea, High-end Handmade Green Tea

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